John Branson - Podcast Host

Former Internet radio DJ between 2013-2015 for "It's All About The Music", a secular station. He left after refusing to play satanic black metal. He felt called to bring people to Jesus, not to send them the other way. John is 50 years old. He's blessed with a wife and two daughters, and the ministry Metal For The Master. He's a metalhead praising Jesus.

John's Top 5 Bands:
Wicked's End
Living Sacrifice

Dave Kruse - Video Show Host

Dave has been a metalhead for most of his life, and has sang in a few metal bands over the years. He brings his passion for metal music to the camera to share with the world. Dave started out as the podcast host of The Covenant Metal Show in early 2015, and moved to the video show host role in mid-2017.

Dave's Top 5 Bands:
Hand Of Fire
Saul Of Tarsus
Grave Robber

Marky Fekete - Video Show Host

Marky is best known as the frontman/guitarist for the Christian metal band Amethyst. He is also an ordained youth pastor and worship leader. He owns and operates a wedding and event DJ company. Marky also was the main concert promoter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas in the mid-1990's for many top Christian metal bands.

Marky's Top 5 Bands:
Barren Cross
Living Sacrifice

Dean Vinson - Music News

Dean has always loved looking into the music news on who's doing what, and what albums are coming out. Music is a huge influence in his life, and it saved him from suicide.

Dean's Top 5 Bands:
Demon Hunter
War Of Ages
For Today
Soul Embraced