Deliverance - The Subversive Kind

© 2018 Roxx Records and 3 Frogz Records

Track Listing:
1. Bring 'Em Down
2. Concept Of The Other
3. Center Of It All
4. The Black Hand
5. Epilogue
6. Listen Closely
7. The Subversive Kind
8. The Fold

The Big D is back - better than ever! Fans of Deliverance have been eagerly awaiting a follow up to 2013's "Hear What I Say!", and now the wait is over. Founding member Jimmy Brown, along with original member Glenn Rogers, Victor Macias (formerly of Tourniquet), and Jim Chaffin (formerly of The Crucified) worked very hard on the "The Subversive Kind" and it greatly shows! The album brings Deliverance back to their amazing thrash metal roots, with some fans who have listened to the album in advance comparing the music to that of thrash legends Slayer. I must say that I agree with them, as I do hear a similarity on this album. However, Deliverance brings their very own style and creativeness to the tracks. This stellar album kicks off with the track "Bring 'Em Down". Right out of the gate, you can't help but bang your head to the brutality of the song. Jimmy's vocals are solid, and he's still on top of his game. Jim's blazing double bass action and Glenn's blistering guitar riffs really drives this track, not to mention the entire album as a whole! I would definiely call this album a "thrash metal masterpiece"! I have listened to the album in it's entirety several times now, and I love it more and more. Some of my most favorite songs on the album are: "Concept Of The Other", "Center Of It All" (which has an awesome groove section in the middle of the song), "The Black Hand" (which reminds me of the Weapons Of Our Warfare era), "Epilogue", and the title track. For thrash metal fans, and fans of classic Deliverance, this is one album you need to get your hands on! The street date for the release,is February 23, 20185. Pre-order now!

Connect with the band:

Jimmy P. Brown II - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Glenn Rogers - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Victor Macias - Bass
Jim Chaffin - Drums
*Greg Minier - Guest Lead Guitar Work

I give Deliverance - "The Subversive Kind" 5 out of 5 stars.

- Dave Kruse (Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out the lyric video "The Black Hand" from the album!

Max Blam Jam - Blowup Man

© 2018 Roxx Records

Track Listing:
1. I Wasn't Ready
2. Burning Deep Inside
3. Desert Flower
4. I Love My Gun
5. Standing Alone
6. Everybody (Needs Love)
7. Wild Billy
8. Apathy's Child
9. Rescue Me
10. Because

Max Blam Jam started as an early 90's project with Glenn Rogers and Brian Khairullah (both formerly of Deliverance fame). This album was recorded in 1991, and never released - until now! Roxx Records is releasing the album as a limited edition one time CD pressing. The tracks were fully remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound, with the album artwork being created by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal. While not a metal album, "Blowup Man" still packs a big punch! The album has a nice mix of funk, blues, jazz, and rock that I can truly appreciate. The music tends to remind me of a cross between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Infectious Grooves. Maybe even throw in a dash of Suicidal Tendencies for good measure. Each song has it's own unique personality, and vibe. The musicianship on the album is amazing. Overall, Max Blam Jam truly delivers!

Connect with the band:

Glenn Rogers - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Brian Khairullah - Vocals
Cesar Ceregatti - Bass/Backing Vocals
Daniel Ceregatti - Drums/Backing Vocals

I give Max Blam Jam - "Blowup Man" 4 out of 5 stars.

- Dave Kruse (Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out the video "Apathy's Child" from the album!

The Lead - Again

© 2018 Roxx Records

Track Listing:
1. Dressed In A Robe (Rev. 19)
2. Every Fear Forgiven
3. The World Tomorrow/Adoration
4. Heaven Is Waiting (feat. Steve Rowe of Mortification)

After 29 years, The Lead are back. This time, with a 4 song EP titled "Again". Before seeing posts on Facebook from Roxx Records regarding this release, I had never heard of this band. They are considered to be Christian punk legends, and pioneers of Christian hardcore and thrash in the 1980's. Many people are excited about their return. So, I sat down to give this EP a thorough listening. The album kicks off with the track "Dressed In A Robe", which is in reference to Revelation 19 in which Jesus Christ returns on a white horse. Great message in the song, for sure! However, in my personal opinion, the lyrics tend to be repetitive. Musically, the song was average. It was nice to listen to, but it didn't pull me in. It reminded me of typical 80's rock. I will admit that after a few times listening to the song, it tends to stick in your head. The album goes on to the next track, titled "Every Fear Forgiven". Now, this song I like. This song has heaviness to it that I can appreciate! Still not sure if I would call this a punk song, but it definitely rocks! Next up, is "The World Tomorrow/Adoration". This song didn't pull me in. It sounded more like alternative rock to me, than punk or even metal. The vocals are ethereal, and mesmerizing for sure. It just didn't "wow" me. Lastly, the album ends with "Heaven Is Waiting". This song features the legendary Mortification front man and bassist, Steve Rowe. This song is epic, and has great emotion in it! Again, more on the alternative rock side, than punk. Still a pretty good tune, in my opnion. Overall, I only liked two songs on this EP, which is half of the album. I give them credit for their passion, and work. It's just not for me.

Connect with the band:

Julio Rey
Nina Llopis
Rob Christie

I give The Lead - "Again" 3 out of 5 stars.

- Dave Kruse (Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

aCross America - Metal For The Master Missionaries Vol. II

© 2017 Floppy Fish Records

Track Listing:
1. Four Star Revival - The Underdog
2. Lyonhart - Phoenix
3. Glenn Rowlands - Transistor
4. Becoming Saints - Lost
5. Mawcore - The Refining
6. Blood Thirsty - Beheaded
7. Self Denied - Love
8. Death Requisite - Veneration
9. Wickeds End - Obliteration
10. Cool Hip Priest - Witness
11. Drakonian Krombie - One True God
12. Amethyst - Rise Again
13. Aggressive Change - Dust
14. Ozmathoq - The Great Deceiver
15. The Crimson Bridge Ministry - Venom
16. Preachers Kid - They Hate You
(Becoming Saints and Death Requisite appear courtesy of Rottweiler Records)

As the second installment from the aCross America Project, the first volume being released this past Spring, this incredible compilation is a real treat for any fan of Christian rock and metal! Featuring 16 tracks, it kicks off with a great, heavy tune from Four Star Revival titled "The Underdog". This is from their sophomore album of the same name. Great vocal work, and message! The compilation goes on to treat us with brutal tracks from amazing Christian artists from start to finish! Volume II finishes off with Preachers Kid - "They Hate You". This is a well done rock ballad that has a great 80's vibe to it. I highly recommend adding this compilation to your collection!

Connect with the aCross America Project:

I give aCross America - "Metal For The Master Missionaries Vol. II" 5 out of 5 stars!

- Dave Kruse (Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Hand Of Fire - Nuclear Sunrise

© 2017 Rottweiler Records

Track Listing:
1. Let The Killings Begin
2. Some Will Say
3. Prophecy
4. Reap What You Sow
5. Nuclear Sunrise
6. Bleeding Out
7. Burn It Down
8. Walk It Off

Where does one even begin when reviewing an album of such stellar music? Many have been in anticipation of this debut album from Bay Area, CA thrashers Hand Of Fire, and the day is finally here! The album kicks off with the band's iconic and epic tune "Let The Killings Begin". This tune builds up into what true fans of thrash metal are looking for! Powerful vocals from Jim Settle, thundering drums from Bill Davies, incredible riffs from Tiago Souza, and Tom Eaton bringing the epicness on bass - Hand Of Fire delivers, and then some! While I love the entire album - start to finish, there are certain songs that really get my adrenaline pumping: "Burn It Down", "Nuclear Sunrise", and "Prophecy" are among my favorite tracks!

Connect with the band:

Jim Settle - Vocals
Tiago Souza - Guitar
Bill Davies - Drums
Tom Eaton - Bass

I would put this band in the same arena with any of the top thrash metal bands from yesterday and today! I highly recommend Hand Of Fire!
I give Hand Of Fire - "Nuclear Sunrise" 5 out of 5 stars!

- Dave Kruse (Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out the lyric video for the song "Let The Killings Begin", and the music video for "Prophecy"!

Children Of Wrath - No Flesh Spared

© 2017 Nosral Recordings

Track Listing:
1. The Legacy Of Man
2. The Words
3. Seven Plagues
4. The Degenerate City/The Day Of The Lord
5. Forerunner
6. No Flesh Spared
7. Grave Digger
8. By Fire And Sword
9. The Remnant And The Martyrs

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona - Children Of Wrath is a very powerful band who labels themself as "blackened, symphonic, melodic, holy death metal". The album kicks off with the eerie instrumental titled "The Legacy Of Man" that creates imagery of world destruction. The album then progresses into the brutal track "The Words", delivering blistering, guttural vocals and melodic epicness. This sets the tone for the rest of the album. The top 3 tracks that stand out to me, include: "Seven Plagues", "The Degenerate City", and "By Fire And Sword". Luke Dinan does all of the instruments and vocals, and is very gifted as a musician and songwriter.

Connect with the band:

The album is available on iTunes, Google Play Store, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Rhapsody, Napster, and Apple Music.

Luke Dinan - All Instruments/Vocals

If you are seeking a Christian alternative to bands such as Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Septic Flesh, and Opeth - then I highly recommend Children Of Wrath!
I give Children Of Wrath - "No Flesh Spared" 4 out of 5 stars!

- Dave Kruse (Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out the lyric video for the song "By Fire And Sword"!

The Crimson Bridge Ministry - "Choices"

© 2017 Crank The Gospel Publishing Co.

Track Listing:
1. Black Sheep
2. Charmed Life
3. Never Letting Go
4. Drown Your Pain
5. The Great Divide
6. That Old Man
7. Steal Your Thunder
8. Cornerstone

The Crimson Bridge Ministry is back with their sophomore album "Choices". Packed with 8 tracks of great Christian rock, the album kicks off with the song "Black Sheep". The song is intense, with great guitar leads and vocal harmonies. Next up, is the melodic tune "Charmed Life". Great vocal work by Norm Campbell! Songs that really stood out to me are: "Steal Your Thunder", and "Drown Your Pain". "Choices" is an album that appeals to everyone who has struggled with different things in life. Filled with powerful messages of hope, redemption, and love: This album truly delivers!

Connect with the band:

The album is available on Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.

Norm Campbell - Vocals/Guitar
Jeff Forrest - Drums/Harmony Vocals
Steve Langdon - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Dave Nichols - Lead Guitar
Matt Busike - Bass
Brad Pogue - Harmony Vocals

If you are a fan of great Christian rock music, this album is for you! I give
The Crimson Bridge Ministry - "Choices" 5 out of 5 Stars!

- Dave Kruse (Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out this video album teaser for "Choices"!
And rock out to these tunes!

Taking The Head Of Goliath - "Beyond Brutal Live"

© 2017 Rottweiler Records

Track Listing:
1. Oblivious Into Oblivion
2. The Expulsion Of Putrid Illusion
3. Trenches
4. This Present Darkness
5. Audacity To Inspire

It's not always easy to find a live album of a quality caliber, but Taking The Head Of Goliath has done just that, and more! This live EP album surely gives the listener a taste of what it's like to attend a gig by this amazingly brutal death metal band! Thundering double bass, blistering guitar riffs, and vocals to make your skin crawl - "Beyond Brutal Live" is a like a journey into the spiritual realm where good destroys evil. Personally, my favorite tune has got to be "Trenches", although I love them all equally! I am in eager anticipation for their studio debut! For fans of skull crushing, and straight up brutal metal - you need to get this album!

Connect with the band at:

The album is available on bandcamp.

Matt Vangsgard - Drums
Rob Blake - Guitar
Nathan Sherman - Guitar
Luke Renno - Bass/Vocals
Jake Martin - Vocals

If you love skull crushing, brutal metal, then this album is definitely for you! I give
Taking The Head Of Goliath - "Beyond Brutal Live" 5 out of 5 stars!

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out these tunes from the album!

Ritual Servant - "777"

© 2017 Ritual Servant

Track Listing:
1. Seven Trumpets
2. The Sacrifice
3. The Just

I recently heard of this incredible thrash metal band, hailing from South Carolina. For fans of thrash metal bands such as Slayer, you need to treat your ears to the intense metal stylings of Ritual Servant! This debut EP has just 3 songs, but don't let that
deter you! Each song brings epic biblical elements to the table. Amazing guitar work, thunderous drums, and in-your-face vocals! I eagerly await the next release from this killer band!

Connect with the band at:

The album is available on bandcamp.

Patrick Best - Vocals/Guitars
Seth Boone - Drums

If you love ear splitting thrash metal, then this album is definitely for you! I give
Ritual Servant - "777" 5 out of 5 stars!

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out these tunes from the album!

Mage Or Majesty - "Forewarning Instinct"

© 2017 Mage Or Majesty

Track Listing:
1. Forewarning Instinct
2. Blindsided
3. Do Or Die
4. Choose Life
5. You Are Not Alone
6. Mage Or Majesty
7. Like A Noose
8. Will I Fight
9. Finding My Way
10. Hold On

Mage Or Majesty is the brand new project started by the talented Bruce Menchen. This album truly delivers a great blend of guitar work, song structure, and vocals. The entire album paints a picture of the End Times, which we are now living in. The song "Forewarning Instinct" kicks off the album with catchy riffs, and lots of driving emotion. The album goes on to create imagery of tribulation, coming world events, and the struggles of those who do not accept the gift of salvation that is through the blood of Jesus Christ. Songs on the album that stand out to me, are: "Do Or Die", "Finding My Way", and "Mage Or Majesty".

Connect with Mage Or Majesty at:

The album is available on Amazon, iTunes, and by contacting Bruce Menchen on Facebook.
Bruce Menchen - Vocals/All Instruments

This incredible album is food for the ears, and I highly recommend it!
I give Mage Or Majesty - "Forewarning Instinct" 5 out of 5 stars.

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out this video album teaser for Mage Or Majesty's "Forewarning Instinct", including our interview with Bruce Menchen!

BioGenesis - "A Decadence Divine"

© 2017 Roxx Productions

Track Listing:
1. Prelude (Nocturnal Images)
2. A Decadence Divine
3. Inside The Beast
4. Bet Your Soul
5. As Empires Fall
6. Lines In The Sand
7. The Pain You Left Behind
8. Tears Of God
9. Land Of Confusion
10. In The Darkness I Dwell
11. Brood Of Vipers

This is the 3rd album by Dayton, Ohio based Christian hybrid metal band BioGenesis, and their first release on Roxx Productions. This epic album starts out with the powerful tune "Prelude (Nocturnal Images). The gritty and melodic vocals of former Jacob's Dream vocalist, Chaz Bond, brings an incredible element to this song, not to mention the rest of the album! This band is very talented! Tracks that really stood out to me are the title track, "Inside The Beast", "As Empires Fall", "The Pain You Left Behind" which is a deeply personal song for Chaz Bond, "Land Of Confusion" which is a very well done cover of the classic tune made famous by the band Genesis, and "Brood Of Vipers" which is the final track on the album with emotional lyrics and powerful energy!

Connect with the band at:

The album will be available from Roxx Productions on May 26, 2017.
You can pre-order now!

Chaz Bond - Vocals
James Riggs - Rhythm Guitar
Sam Nealeigh - Keyboard
Luke Nealeigh - Lead Guitar
Dan Nealeigh - Bass
Majennica Nealeigh - Drums

This masterpiece of hybrid metal truly delivers, and I highly recommend it!
I give BioGenesis - "A Decadence Divine" 5 out of 5 stars.

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out these tunes from BioGenesis' album "A Decadence Divine"!

aCross America - "Metal Missionaries Vol. 1"

© 2017

Track Listing:
1. Among The Angels - "Faithor"
2. Apollyon - "Self Image"
3. Saul Of Tarsus - "Ride The Beast"
4. Oceans Beneath Us - "Lost But Not Forgotten"
5. Anschluss Amor - "Repent"
6. Cast The Dragon - "Woe"
7. Consuming Fire - "Redemption"
8. Nostalgia - "Saints Arise"
9. XL & Death Before Dishonor - "Best Friend, Worst Enemy"
10. Whisper From Heaven - "Into Eternity"
11. Wickeds End - "Sirenic"
12. Cool Hip Priest - "Betrayed With A Kiss"
13. Cast The Dragon - "They Got No Soul"
14. Crushing The Deceiver - "The Light Inside Me"
15. The Ben Aldrich Project - "God Rulz"

This incredible compilation features some of the best Christian metal I have ever had the pleasure of listening to! The album includes 15 tracks from 14 bands from all over the United States. aCross America is a new metal missionary ministry dedicated to distributing Christian metal to people in many areas who may not know Jesus Christ, and to help promote the bands and their music.

This compilation starts off with "Faithor" by the band Among The Angels. Since this is the band I'm in, I'm not going to be "that guy", and tell you how cool the song is. You'll have to hear it for yourself. Next up, is "Self Image" by Apollyon. Wow, what a brutal tune! Very intense, and in your face! We move on from there, to Saul Of Tarsus next, with their killer tune "Ride The Beast". If you like crust punk with thrash/death metal elements, then you'll love this tune!

Next, we've got "Lost But Not Forgotten" by Oceans Beneath Us. An epic tune, with a great mixture of both growling and clean vocals, this one delivers. The next tune, is "Repent" by industrial metal band Anschluss Amor. The song has a nice groove to it, with growling vocals mixed in with clips of Jimmy Swaggart sermons. I really enjoy this tune!

Up next, is Cast The Dragon with "Woe". This is a pretty cool punk rock tune. It has a good flow to it, both musically and vocally. "Redemption" by death metal band Consuming Fire is up next, and wow! What an awesome helping of ear splitting death metal! I really dig this tune! We move on to "Saints Arise" by Nostalgia. With powerful guitar work, lyrical content, and vocals by Brian Rainsberger - this is a tune any metal lover can appreciate!

If you like rap metal, you'll love "Best Friend, Worst Enemy" from XL & Death Before Dishonor. This song has many elements: rap, clean vocals, gang vocals, and metal among them. The tune kind of reminds me of old school Anthrax when they ventured into the rap arena, with a blend of modern Christian rock. I like it! "Into Eternity" by Whisper From Heaven is up next. This is a great epic song, featuring the beautiful voice of Amulyn Corzine blended nicely with melodic metal. If you like HB, Nightwish, and Symphony X - you'll love Whisper From Heaven!

"Sirenic" from Wickeds End truly delivers a big bite of thrash/death metal that will leave you wanting more! With the blistering vocals of John Andrew Dixon, and great guitar and drum work - this tune really stands out. Next, is "Betrayed With A Kiss" by Cool Hip Priest. I dig this tune! Pretty good guitar work, blended with clean vocals. I would call this "epic praise metal" if I had to classify it. Next, we have another great tune from Cast The Dragon with "They Got No Soul". Again, the band treats us to a second serving of great punk rock.

Next up, is Crushing The Deceiver with "The Light Inside Me". Nice, heavy tune for sure! Growling vocals, fast drums and guitar make this thrash/death metal tune another stand out on the album! Last, but definitly not least; we have a nice, short tune from The Ben Aldrich Project called "God Rulz". Pretty good punk rock tune, with easy to remember lyrics. This song is a nice addition to the closing of the album. But, hey, go back and listen to it again!

Join the aCross America facebook Group page, and check out their website!

This compilation caters to many metal tastes, and I highly recommend it! I give aCross America - "Metal Missionaries Vol. 1" 5 out of 5 stars.

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out the promo video for this awesome compilation CD!

Saul Of Tarsus - "Road To Damascus"

© 2015 SkyBurnsBlack Records

Track Listing:
1. Fallen
2. Massive Deception
3. World Flesh Devil
4. Critical Condition
5. The Last Jihad
6. Beware Of The Lamb
7. No Treasure
8. Road To Damascus

The album starts off with the short, but blistering tune"Fallen". The track combines eerie keyboard with both screaming and growling vocals. Next, the album moves on to one of my personal favorites, "Massive Deception". This song has great thrash metal elements, as well as incredible vocals. The rest of the album continues on with great crust punk and thrash/death metal. Very heavy album, and I greatly enjoy cranking it up.

Connect with the band at:

Tracy Steiger - Vocals
Anthony Marquez - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Rod Crowell - Bass
Carlos Valdez - Drums

If you're a fan of crust punk with some thrash/death metal thrown into the mix, then you will love this album! I give Saul Of Tarsus - "Road To Demascus" 5 out of 5 Stars!

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out these tunes from Saul Of Tarsus' album "Road To Damascus"!

Demon Hunter - "Outlive"

© 2017 Solid State Records

Track Listing:
1. Trying Times
2. Jesus Wept
3. Cold Winter Sun
4. Died In My Sleep
5. Half As Dead
6. Cold Blood
7. One Step Behind
8. Raining Down
9. The End
10. One Less
11. Patience
12. Slight The Odds

"Outlive" marks Demon Hunter's eighth studio album, and this one surely delivers! The opening track "Trying Times" is epic! With thunderous drums, and powerful vocal harmonies, this track truly sets the tone for the album! The next track, "Jesus Wept", is a real treat of heaviness, and brutality that fans have come to expect from the band. "Cold Winter Sun" is a great blend of both clean, and growling vocals. The next track on the album, "Died In My Sleep", is one of the "softer" songs on the album, and is full of clean vocal harmonies. This one didn't really grab me, musically, as it has somewhat of a modern pop rock feel to it. Other tracks on the album that stood out to me, are: "Cold Blood", "The End", and "One Less".

Connect with the band at:

The album is available from the band's website, Solid State Records, Amazon, and iTunes.

Ryan Clark - Vocals
Patrick Judge - Lead Guitar
Jeremiah Scott - Rhythm Guitar
Jonathan Dunn - Bass
Timothy "Yogi" Watts - Drums/Percussion

If you're a fan of Demon Hunter, and metalcore mixed with clean vocals and great harmonies, then you will be very pleased with this album!
I give Demon Hunter - "Outlive" 4 out of 5 stars.

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out these tunes from Demon Hunter's new album "Outlive"!

Signum Regis - "Decennium Primum"

℗© 2017 Signum Regis

Track Listing:
1. Decennium Primum
2. Unfold The Mystery
3. Damnatio Ad Bestias
4. Screaming For Justice
5. Kingdom Of Light
6. The Future King
7. Well Deserved
8. Thunder And Rain
9. Train To Neverland
10. A Psalm Of Life

This is the 5th studio album from this amazing Slovakian power metal band, and is released independently. The album opens with the epic instrumental title track, and goes right into "Unfold The Mystery", a song rich with powerful vocals, guitar work, and lyrics. This song sets the pace for the rest of the album, which is full of very enjoyable, symphonic, and heavy tunes. Songs that stand out the most to me, are: "Unfold The Mystery", "Damnatio Ad Bestias", "Screaming For Justice", and "Train To Neverland".

Connect with the band at:

The album is available from the band's website, Amazon, and iTunes.

Ronnie König - Bass
Filip Koluš - Guitar
Mayo Petranin - Vocals
Ján Tupý - Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Jaro Jančula - Drums

If you love epic power metal with drive, emotion, and powerful lyrics, then I highly recommend this album!
I give Signum Regis - "Decennium Primum" 5 out of 5 stars!

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out these tunes from Signum Regis' new album "Decennium Primum"!

Sunroad - "Wing Seven"

© 2017 Roxx Productions

Track Listing:
1. Destiny Shadows
2. White Eclipse
3. In The Sand
4. Misspent Youth
5. Tempo (What Is Ever)
6. Whatever
7. Skies Eyes
8. Day By Day (Delaying)
9. Craft Of Whirlwinds
10. Drifting Ships
11. Brighty Breakdown
12. Pilot Of Your Heart
13. Last Sunray In The Road

Roxx Records brings us yet another great band! With the 7th studio release from this talented power metal band from Brazil, the album is a treat for any heavy metal, and power metal lover. Very nice flow of vocals, guitar work, and drums on the album opener, "Destiny Shadows". The album continues delivering straight up hard rocking tunes, with heavy hitters such as: "White Eclipse", "Whatever", "Day By Day (Delaying)", and "Pilot Of Your Heart". Overall, I greatly enjoyed this album. Some of the songs were a touch too soft for me, but I still enjoyed the album as a whole.

Connect with the band:

The album is available on Roxx Records.

Andre Adonis - Vocals/Keyboards
Netto Mello - Guitar
Akasio Angels - Bass
Fred Mika - Drums/Percussion

If you are a fan of Christian heavy/power metal with gritty vocals and great harmonies, this album is for you! I give Sunroad - "Wing Seven" 4 out of 5 Stars!

- Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

Check out these tunes from Sunroad's new album "Wing Seven"!

The Crimson Bridge Ministry - "Remnant Rock"

© 2016 Published By Norm Campbell

Track Listing:
1. Break The Chains
2. Ruthless
3. Two Wolves
4. Cut You Loose
5. Venom
6. Deaf Revolution
7. Weight Of The World
8. Trashman
9. Glorify You
10. The Crimson Bridge
11. All You Need (Reprise)

With The Crimson Bridge Ministry being a fairly new band on the scene, I had never heard of them, and it is always a special treat whenever I come across a new band that is not only excellent musically, but also lyrically. This band definitely delivers the solid message of the gospel throughout this whole album entitled, "Remnant Rock."

The album kicks off with an excellent rocker, "Break The Chains." This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. An all around power packed song with good guitar riffs, and a very catchy chorus. Being that I'm a vocalist myself, the vocal work grabbed me right away with the catchy chorus', melody lines and solid harmonies. With lyrics like, "Break the chains and wash your sins away. In Jesus name you are forever saved."

Another great song on the album was track three, entitled, "Two Wolves" which was actually the very first song I heard. Also a stellar rocker with phenomenal guitar hooks, and cranking leads in between, and some very classy bass and drum work. It was written well, and every musician in the band had an opportunity to shine a little bit individually.

Track six, "Deaf Revolution" was another song that I especially enjoyed because it was just so creative, and very unique. There is one section in the song where vocalist Norm Campbell does a round with the background vocals that is really a lot of fun. And then toward the conclusion a powerful scripture from the book of Revelation is quoted which wraps it up well.

As I said the vocal and guitar work is excellent throughout the album, but as far as a song that especially seemed to showcase the talent with drummer Jeff Forrest, and bassist, Matt Busike, it would be track seven, "Weight Of The World." In this one you hear some double bass drum parts and some bass licks that will make your head spin!

My most favorite song is track five, "Venom." Just a solid song that I really enjoyed, and the one I would pick as my highlight song. It's very catchy, with sweet keyboard and bass layering throughout, shredding guitar riffs, and solo, and quite honestly, one that I will want to play over and over again! It's just that good!

Finally, this album also features two great worship songs which really touched my heart. "Glorify You" and "The Crimson Bridge." Both are sweet ballads with beautiful acoustic guitar work, and of course, solid lyrics of hope and redemption. "Follow the bridge to the other side. To the God of love, arms open wide. Follow the bridge to the other side. The Way, The Truth, The Life."

Be on the lookout for their brand new album, "Choices", which will be released summer of 2017.
Connect with the band:

The album is available on Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.

Norm Campbell - Vocals
Jeff Forrest - Drums/Vocals
Steve Langdon - Guitar/Vocals
Dave Nichols - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Busike - Bass

If you are a fan of great Christian rock music, this album is for you! I give The Crimson Bridge Ministry - "Remnant Rock" 5 out of 5 Stars!

-Brian Dale
(Former Lead Vocalist For Nostalgia)

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Wickeds End - "The Grand Decay"

© 2017 Floppy Fish Records

Track Listing:
1. Obliteration
2. Sirenic
3. The Grand Decay
4. New World Sodom
5. Heresy
6. Guardian's Descent
7. Feast Of The Birds
8. Break The Cycle
9. Sickle Hand

Hailing from southern California, Wickeds End is a real breath of fresh air to any thrash and death metal fan! Their newest release, "The Grand Decay" truly delivers!

The album starts off with the brutal tune "Obliteration". This song kicks off the album in a great way, building up into a heavy groove with blazing guitar work, blistering double bass, and commanding vocals. Tracks on the album that really stand out to me, are the title track "The Grand Decay", and "Guardian's Descent".

The entire album is some of the best new Christian metal I've had the pleasure of rocking out to in quite a while! With topics dealing with the state of today's world, and the continued rise of the sinful nature - this album brings a message of hope and redemption that we all need!

On the back cover of the album, the band includes the verse from 1 John 2:17 "The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever."

Connect with the band at:

The album is available on the band's website, Christian Metal Distro, Amazon, and iTunes.

John Andrew Dixon - Vocals
Chris Lowbridge - Drums
Glenn Rowlands - Guitar
Andrew Crippen - Bass

If you love great Christian thrash/death metal with a powerful message, and an old school flair to it, then this album is definitely for you! I give Wickeds End - "The Grand Decay" 5 out of 5 stars!

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

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The Hero - "Miracles"

© 2017 Roxx Productions

Track Listing:
1. Kill The Monster
2. The Broken Hearted
3. Miracles
4. Tell The World
5. Via Dolorosa
6. Corpus Christi
7. Melancholiah
8. Crying In The Rain
9. Join Me In Life
10. When Evil Blooms
11. Shot
12. Mr. Rigor Mortis
13. Viva Victoria
14. The Swedish National Anthem

Roxx Records brings us the melodic metal stylings of The Hero, all the way from Sweden with their new album "Miracles". This amazing album kicks off with tune "Kill The Monster", a song with strong vocal harmonies and a message of salvation by releasing the inner darkness. Later in the album, we are treated to a very beautiful song, called "Join Me In Life". With an invitation to "take a chance to find the light", this tune delivers hope for the hurting soul.

One of my favorite tracks on the album, is "When Evil Blooms". The song refers to evil as being like a flower blooming, smelling of hate, death, and doom. The song also lets the listener know that God's love will rise and bring us back to life again.

Other powerful songs on the the album include: "Crying In The Rain", "Shot", and "Mr. Rigor Mortis". Finally, the album finishes with a great rendition of Sweden's national anthem.

Connect with the band at:

The album is available from the band's website, Christian Metal Distro, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Michael Hero - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Mouton - Drums/Background Vocals
Emanuel Warja - Guitar/Background Vocals
Hempa Deleskog - Bass

If you love great Christian progressive metal with a gothic vibe and powerful message throughout, then I recommend this album! I give The Hero - "Miracles" 5 out of 5 stars!

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)

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Fallen Oak Recording - "Hymns Of The Blackest Light Vol. 1"

© 2017 Fallen Oak Recording
All Rights Reserved

Track Listing:
1. Amelioration - All Hail The Administrator
2. Blood Thirsty - Beheaded
3. Bozkath - Through The Darkness
4. Corpse - Chilling Fear
5. IHS - O Ignee Spiritus
6. O, Majestic Winter - Tempest of The Great Owl
7. Ohen - Valley Of Dry Bones
8. Orationem - A Blessing For All
9. Ravish - The Bread Of Life
10. Sentinel Mysterium - There Was No King (Instrumental)
11. Stormsinger - Terminus (Demo 2017)
12. Through The Thorns - Master Of The Universe
13. Timoratus - Eternal Loss
14. Vials Of Wrath - All That Is Left In Shade

While personally not a fan of unblack metal, this compilation album released by Fallen Oak Recordings has a few tunes on it that I enjoyed. This release features 14 tracks from Christian unblack metal bands. The album starts off with the tune "All Hail The Administrator" by Amelioration. The song is an unusual mix of techno/electronic music with brutal vocals. Unfortunately, this song did not grab my attention, musically. The album's next track, "Beheaded" by Blood Thirsty, is a treat that I greatly enjoyed. The song has blazing guitars, great leads, and agressive vocals. The track "Through The Darkness" by Bozkath reminds me of a Halloween sound effects CD. Not really much music on this track, just eerie sound effects with ghostly sounding vocals. "Chilling Fear" by Corpse has an old school death/thrash metal vibe to it that I enjoyed. Overall, I only liked very few songs on this compilation. As I stated, I'm not a fan of unblack metal, however, I can see this compilation being perfect for someone who is into this genre of metal.

If you love Christian unblack metal, then perhaps this album is for you.
I give Fallen Oak Recording - "Hymns Of The Blackest Light Vol. 1" 2 out of 5 stars. Sorry, it's just not my taste of music.

-Dave Kruse
(Host of The Covenant Metal Show)